Zumiez Charleston WV
3000 Charleston Town Center
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Zumiez Charleston WV

Zumiez Charleston WV in 3000 Charleston Town Center in Charleston WV is a Shoe Stores

Phone: 304 340 2669

3000 Charleston Town Center Charleston WV WV, USA
Zumiez Charleston WV. Catalog, prices, map. We strive to enhance peoples lives from the foot up through increasing public awareness on proper foot care and footwear. We are the worldwide destination for new fashion footwear and accessories, for women and men. The shopping experience here is considerably more relaxed than at some of the swankier shops. With top brands and top service, you know that your feet are in good hands. At our store, you wll find boots in a variety of shapes colors and styles so that you can match them to everything in your closet from business suits to dresses to your favorite pair of jeans. We carry a wide range of products including shoes, socks, orthotics and apparel from every major brand as well as nutrition products for those long run days. Men are no more just accustomed to wearing pants and shirts. There a lot more to a mans wardrobe. We specialize in running for adult and carry childrens athletic shoes as well. Come get fitted for the right shoe by one of our trained staff members. Together we have discovered the joy and gratitude of providing quality products and personal service to the people who deserve it most...YOU. I have been working here since I was a teenager, and really look forward to seeing our many longtime customers again and again.
Street Address
3000 Charleston Town Center
304 340 2669
Opening hours
Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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