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Women's Shoes

For the businesswoman, good-looking shoes, that are also comfortable, are essential. If you are standing all day but must look your best, then your choice of shoes is vital. Find a variety of designs that combine both excellent comfort and a sharp business look from flats to platforms. When considering sunny days at the beach, then nothing can compete with a great pair of sandals. From thong sandals to gladiators, check out warm-weather footwear for the sand, as well as the poolside. And for those days on the water, a good pair of boating shoes would be essential.


Of course, a perfect choice in shoes is always dependent on the outfit of the day. From animal patterned wedges to peep toe pumps, it is as important to choose the shoe that complements your tastes, as well as your lifestyle. Discover a trendy selection of shoes for women and find ones that fit your lifestyle and fashion sense. Shop at Macy’s and look for shoes that will help you to build your perfect and personalized shoe wardrobe.

For those beach holidays you’ll need something easy, stress free and comfortable. Sandals are the obvious choice and with so many to choose from we thought we’d give you a break down of our top choices.

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 Put yourself on a pedestal with a range of high heels, platforms, and pumps that’ll have you living the high life. Otherwise relax your feet with some slip-ons, from wedges to flats and everything in between. The details of  strap sandals will never be a footnote in your ensemble, so expect to dominate in the bold silhouettes of our gladiator and espadrille sandals.

Men’s Shoes

They say that shoes can make a man. And with the right pair, anything is possible.

Though they may not admit it, men love shoes. Even the rugged cowboy needs his trusty pair of boots. Some men may prefer a more relaxed look with a classic pair sneakers or sandals . Others may go for a more dapper loafer look for the office.

They're a part of your life, the big celebrations and small moments that make every day Famous.

Mens's shoes - catalog

We're the work boots you pull on every morning and the slippers you can't wait to slide into at night. We're the oxfords you wore on your second interview and the chukka boots you wore on your first date. We're the basketball shoes you lace up when you shoot hoops with the guys and the sports shoes that help you chase your kids around the park. We're the loafers you bring on a business trip and the sandals you take on that much-needed vacation. We're the sneakers you've loved since college and the dress shoes you put on before saying "I do."


Kids' Shoes

Kids' shoes make up about 20 percent of total footwear sales in the United States and are the second-largest segment of the shoe market. Demand based on the frequent need for replacement drives a large portion of sales in this portion of the industry, although many other factors determine which particular pair of shoes a customer purchases. For a marketing strategy, a small business selling shoes for children should zero in on the reasons parents buy.
Licensed footwear saturates the children's shoe market with television show characters, pop stars, movie stars and comic book heroes.

Kid's shoes - catalog

While a portion of parents give in to the preferences of a child, some parents allow a focus on affordability to override the emotional desires of the kid shopper.
When children reach the preteen and teenage years, constant replacement of shoes due to growth spurts eases to an extent and durability becomes a larger issue.