Work World Bakersfield CA
2701 Ming Ave, Ste 130
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Work World Bakersfield CA

Work World Bakersfield CA in 2701 Ming Ave, Ste 130 in Bakersfield CA is a Shoe Stores

Phone: 661 831 0899

2701 Ming Ave, Ste 130 Bakersfield CA CA, USA
Work World Bakersfield CA. Catalog, prices, map. Specializes in the creation of high-quality fashion footwear, leather goods and accessories. We look forward to providing you with footwear that can ease your aches or just give you the ultimate in comfort. We will work with you with adjusting the shoes order anything you may need and always try to have you learn a little about what kind of products you should watch out for and what would be good for your needs. The attractively laid out store has trendy shoes and accessories, perfect for the running enthusiast in you. Committed to ensuring your standing on solid ground, we provide customized options to guarantee your comfort. High-end, ultra-modern, sophisticated and brilliant are some of the words that can be used to describe their collection, but not quite. His knowledge of the product and adaptiveness to customer personalities allows shoe-buyers to understand everything about their shoes and shoe needs before making a purchase. We also have a large inventory of sandals so you could walk out with a pair the same day. With the ever increasing influence of the internet, we balance this method of merchandising while maintaining a close, personal relationship with customers. Whether you are a long time runner or if you are just starting, if you are looking for a professional, experienced, knowledgeable staff to get the finest, expert fitting for a running shoe and more, then visit us. Shoes are the only accessory that is put on everyday that effects the alignment of our bodys.
Street Address
2701 Ming Ave, Ste 130
661 831 0899
Opening hours
Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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