Underground Station Brooklyn NY
462 Fulton St
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Underground Station Brooklyn NY

Underground Station Brooklyn NY in 462 Fulton St in Brooklyn NY is a Shoe Stores

Phone: 718 522 0813

462 Fulton St Brooklyn NY NY, USA
Underground Station Brooklyn NY. Catalog, prices, map. The store is an ideal shop for both men and women looking for unique belts, buckles, shirts, jeans and cowboy boots. We want to be a resource for all your running, walking and general fitness needs; and we want to celebrate your accomplishments with you. We specialize in comfort footwear and custom-fitted arch supports. By combining the latest fabrication techniques and fashion trends with our ability to craft an ultra-comfortable shoe, we have made a new product that people will love. Our broad range of products is waiting for you. We are a medical professional skilled in modern shoe therapy, in fitting feet with complicated problems, and in filling footwear prescriptions by medical professionals. We also feature a wide variety of accessories including handbags, wallets, socks, and a full selection of shoe care products. Many do not consider the damage they do to their feet when they run or walk without the proper footwear. Thanks for being part of our family! Product selection and availability varies throughout the year, so stop by today and check out What is new and in store for you! Take a look! Give us a call today or stop by! Feel free to visit our website, located at the top of this profile, for more details.
Street Address
462 Fulton St
718 522 0813
Opening hours
Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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