The Shoe Inn Birmingham AL
3141 Lorna Rd #103

The Shoe Inn Birmingham AL data-entity-type=

The Shoe Inn Birmingham AL

The Shoe Inn Birmingham AL in 3141 Lorna Rd #103 in Birmingham AL is a Shoe Stores

Phone: 205 987 9728

3141 Lorna Rd #103 Birmingham AL AL, USA
The Shoe Inn Birmingham AL. Catalog, prices, map. No problem is too small or complex to merit our personal attention. Our professional approach is based on facts and logic, not high-pressure sales tactics. We have a look - our mix - but we work hard to incorporate the clients vision, with stylish livability always the main focus. We know that every person and every foot is different. We carry walking, running, cross training and tennis shoes in a large selection of sizes and widths. Offering a diverse selection of quality shoes for the entire family. Athletic shoes, apparel, and authentic team gear for the whole family. As a family business, we especially value the relationships we develop with our customers. In addition, we have made a substantial commitment to serve our local athletic community. I am more than happy to resolve any issues you might have. Please call the store to talk to me directly. Our customer service is as good as it gets, with each of our staff members following the very high standards we demand when it comes to customer care and overall attentiveness.
Street Address
3141 Lorna Rd #103
205 987 9728
Opening hours
Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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