Seven Mile Beauty Supplies Racine WI
944 Washington Ave
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Seven Mile Beauty Supplies Racine WI

Seven Mile Beauty Supplies Racine WI in 944 Washington Ave in Racine WI is a Shoe Stores

Phone: 262 633 1118

944 Washington Ave Racine WI WI, USA
Seven Mile Beauty Supplies Racine WI. Catalog, prices, map. Innovative sneaker boutique where you can find limited releases as well as some of the most sought out classics! We will analyze your gait, examine your arches, foot shape and measure both your feet to ensure you are in properly fitting shoes. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality, most comfortable and best looking shoes available anywhere in the world. We especially value the relationships we develop with our customers. We also have a large inventory of sandals so you could walk out with a pair the same day. With a huge collection of authentic and branded sneakers, one is bound to go mad. You can choose from work boots or shoes, motorcycle shoes, or ones that are meant for safety. Leather accessories such as wallets and belts are also a part of their merchandise. For work, fitness or fun, people come to us store to live life to its fullest, in style and comfort. Various brands available include Nike, Brand Jordan, Puma, adidas, Under Armour, Sketchers, Asics, Converse, Lacoste, Reebok, and more. When shes not helping kids find the perfect shoes, she enjoys playing outdoors in our beautiful state of Colorado.
Street Address
944 Washington Ave
262 633 1118
Opening hours
Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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