One Stop Shoe Repair Spokane WA
2934 E 29th Ave
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One Stop Shoe Repair Spokane WA

One Stop Shoe Repair Spokane WA in 2934 E 29th Ave in Spokane WA is a Shoe Repair

Phone: 509 230 5131

2934 E 29th Ave Spokane WA WA, USA
One Stop Shoe Repair Spokane WA. Catalog, prices, map. From the simplest pair of flip-flops to extra-depth custom work boots, we aim to fit you into the footwear that is best for you. You are not only assured fabulous designs but also professional guidance in choosing your kind of apparel and gear. Employees are well trained in product knowledge and measure both customers feet to assure maximum comfort and performance. We pride ourselves on the quality, affordability and styles. We are Your Perfect Sole Mate. Vast Variety of Shoes and Apparel: Including Womens Sandals, Boots, Wedges, Flats, Short-Medium and High Heels Mens Sandals, Boots, Running Shoes, and Athletic Shoes. We carry mens, womens and kids shoes, including well-known brands such as Nike, Lacrosse and Crocs. The best part about these shoes is that not only do they look lovely but they are also exceedingly comfortable to walk in. Our selection features pieces that are western chic with a glitzy flare to revive your wardrobe and turn heads! Call us today for more information on our inventory. Our product buyers work hand in hand to create an enhanced buying experience for the consumers. You can also follow us on Facebook for up to date information!
Street Address
2934 E 29th Ave
509 230 5131
Opening hours
Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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