Althea's Footwear Solutions Everett WA
1932 Broadway
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Althea's Footwear Solutions Everett WA

Althea's Footwear Solutions Everett WA in 1932 Broadway in Everett WA is a Children's Shoes

Phone: 425 303 0108

1932 Broadway Everett WA WA, USA
Althea's Footwear Solutions Everett WA. Catalog, prices, map. We have always been very selective about clothes and shoes cause I like to look and feel nice where ever I go. A connoisseur in converse-shoe making for more than a century, you may come across the perfect pair of sneakers you wish to wear. The shoe shop stocks timeless favorites as well as trendy footwear so you never run out of options here. Then, once we know all that, we will recommend solutions from our wide selection of shoes, arch supports and accessories that are customized for your feet and your concerns. Come in today to us, find top brands of shoes and apparel for running, walking, basketball, or casual wear. A reasonable price reduction on big brands and fashionable names makes this place a great place for bargains. We figured it could not be that hard to find a shoe repair place that might know how to cobble together a one-off shoe that no one else had. This is your chance to express what you feel, show that you can take risks in fashion and be the diva that sets trends! Find the perfect shoes to go with elegant evening wear. Thanks for being part of our family! The mens selection is almost as wide as the womens, but this is really a shop for people who appreciate elegant, understated, even feminine, footwear.
Street Address
1932 Broadway
425 303 0108
Opening hours
Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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